We Are

We Are

Gokto Hospitality is an innovation consulting and design company based in Switzerland, operating internationally in the fields of hospitality and F&B, and providing tailor made services to start-ups and companies interested in business diversification and new marketing strategies.

A group of professionals is always involved in making every project a real success, following each step from the architectural design, to the food offer, till to the marketing plan and the launch. Three departments help deliver a wide and deep initial analysis and provide turn-key solutions.

Any place is unique, any business activity has its own story, or it is simply a dream come true, but they must be designed to embrace other stories of people and things.

Gokto Hospitality - Giuseppe Fontani

Giuseppe Fontani

After a career as Retail and Marketing Consultant for important corporations such as VF International, Casio, LVMH, Giuseppe Fontani has been collaborating as a freelance organisational development consultant with luxury brands operating in the fashion and hospitality fields, developing new markets, searching for investors, creating distribution channels, recruiting and training staff and supervising the right market positioning of products.

Well introduced and connected to several markets (including China, Japan, Italy, Brazil, USA, and the UK), in 2015 he was awarded "Best Young Consultant in Switzerland" by the prestigious American Magazine Who’s Who.

Gokto Hospitality - Ottone Puopolo

Ottone Puopolo

A strongly experienced Hotel Manager, with a Master in F&B Management from Luiss University in Rome, Ottone Puopolo is specialised in the hospitality business with a particular focus on revenue management, food cost, marketing strategies, staff recruiting, training and motivation.

He has recently started his career as a consultant, getting involved in the launch and the management of the exclusive private members club La Macchia, in Tuscany, Italy.

Gokto is the result of the merging of our two nicknames, as well as being an airport in Papua New Guinea; one of the smallest airports in the world, where we met for the first time. Any new project that we take on board is a journey: and like any journey, planning the destination is essential in order to avoid surprises.

From the take-off to the landing and during the flight in between, we make sure that every single aspect runs smoothly and turns into an unforgettable service. If a challenge is what propels us into the air, success is our preferred destination.

Giuseppe & Ottone